Where is my path?

Kimberley Lehman

We all have that little voice in our heads. That voice of guidance, of intuition, of suggestion, of hope, of despair, and many more things. Whether or not we choose to follow that voice is the question. We are all at different times in our lives guided by it, some more than others.

Why, we all ask at one time or another. Why don’t I listen? How do I overcome the desire to ignore that voice? Why am I driven to make choices that are not in alignment with that intuition?

Why does that little voice speak and whisper in our ears? Who or what is that little voice? As we move through the world, we are constantly looking for feedback. It’s part of being human.

The act of analysis occurs when dealing with aspects of our lives that we have not mastered; be it relationships, certain behaviors, emotions, judgments, or different situations. It is our personal desire to enhance and establish a better, happier life by making choices that are less painful, generate more joy, and no longer create inner conflict.

When we reach the point of having many unresolved issues, which happens over time, we become aware of “something” inside us that is difficult to identify.

We begin to understand which issues and/or behaviors are important to us, identify and comprehend what is causing them, and decide whether or not we want to change them.

When the analysis is done correctly, there’s no need for emotion or input from others; this is about one’s own personal interpretation of their behaviors, without consideration of what other people may think of them or about them. It’s about how we feel, as sovereign individuals.

When a change in behavior is made, it occurs because the individual realizes that the behavior does not help define them or their ideal self; therefore, they choose to make a change. Everyone has the potential to be more than they are now and when you see yourself as having more potential, you have the motivation to move closer to that potential. When you have the motivation to better yourself, you’re more likely to act on the advice of that little voice.

This is the beginning of finding your true self; mindfully choosing to follow your path and not one defined by other people, their judgment of you, or your judgment of yourself. This is the beginning of mastering your intuition and trusting that little voice is exactly what you need to hear to mindfully and deliberately make choices to create a life of joy, happiness and freedom. Your life, your path, your choice. Embrace it!

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