Sound Healing vs Frequency Healing

Kimberley Lehman

In today’s expansion of healing modalities, many people are curious about the difference between sound healing and frequency healing. Read on if you desire a greater understanding of how this can benefit you and your loved ones.

Sound healing is about clearing and balancing energy and learning to stay in your heart.

Frequency healing is about configuring the frequencies of light from the higher realms into a therapeutic and energetic form that can be used for self-healing. This is a way of programming the light body to be more protected from negative energy and old belief systems that no longer serve us. It also can trigger other abilities or spiritual gifts that will come with the new 5D consciousness where humanity is evolving.

Sound healing is focused on working with problems as they arise, frequency healing works at a deeper level creating shifts that move one beyond any personal issues.

Frequency healing works with the higher frequencies of light, in contrast to sound healing which is lower vibrational and uses the voice and sound to bring about changes. It’s not intended to replace sound healing but to enhance it.

Sound healing is about moving the voice and clearing blockages in the body, while frequency healing uses sounds that are designed to go beyond issues and directly focus on the frequency of light.

Because we live in a double reality of light and dark energies, both modalities are useful for protection from negative energy.

Healing is increasingly using sound and frequency as its main modality rather than individual techniques like reiki or acupuncture.

It is possible to attune to the vibration of a particular and program his or her light body with a specific frequency. This method can eliminate blockages and other imbalances in a person’s energy field, even when they are not physically present.

There are many ways to configure frequencies for self-healing. The Solfeggio frequencies match the colors of the rainbow, and they work with our light body to create a balance in all seven chakras. It is possible to use the tones of the musical scale from C (the lowest) to B flat (the highest), by playing them in a certain order, as part of healing.

There are other frequencies that can be used to balance and heal such as the Solfeggio tones (not to be confused with solfeggio frequencies or Solfeggio frequencies ), which are a set of six particular notes. Each note is said to affect your body in a certain way; there is one for repairing DNA, others act to heal different parts of the body such as the heart and the liver.

The Solfeggio frequencies have been known for thousands of years, and are now being brought into public awareness by groups like Dr. Joseph Puleo, who worked with Dr. Len Horowitz who wrote a book called Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse.

Certain combinations of frequencies can have astonishing effects on the body’s energy field and its functioning.

It is possible to eliminate a head injury in a relatively short time (less than an hour), and the client felt like a new person afterward. This is something that cannot be done with conventional therapies. The use of sound and frequency to heal is gaining popularity in this new energy as many people are becoming aware that our traditional western medical industry is not a viable option for higher vibrational individuals.

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