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Colleen Grace Clabby | Sedona Mystic Gathering Center

Kimberley Lehman

Practitioner in Sedona, Arizona

Sound Healing Technology and VAT (vibro-acoustical) therapy on the liquid sound healing table. Heated to 97 degrees, Colleen Grace Clabby’s custom-built table is programmed with thousands of frequencies for pure relaxation, pain management, and psychic tuning.

As you float fully clothed feeling the energy of this musical table’s vibration, the body’s mental, physical, and emotional health can begin to relax immediately. Letting go of pain on many levels, the human body seeks to heal and remember the soul’s divine condition and mission. Restoring the electrical channels of the heart and mind, the healing table offers many different programs from Pain Management Series to Human Body Series, Muscle and Structure Frequencies, to Energy and Balancing Series.

Augmenting this healing process through the gifts of divine intuition for 20 years, Colleen uses tuning forks, therapeutic oils, and her shamanic drum to receive the healing messages for each divine soul. Healing holistically, humanely, and spiritually.

To schedule an appointment, PHONE OR TEXT:
(860) 823-8030
Cost per session: $150.00 per hour and $50 each additional half hour

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