Mediums and Psychics

Kimberley Lehman

Mediums are a fantastic way to help you understand messages from your loved ones who have passed away. They can provide guidance and insight you just may not believe to be possible!

Although they have been around for a very long time, mediums and psychics are metaphysical topics that cause people to be skeptical. They give physical evidence for the afterlife and how spirits communicate with us today. You may be surprised at what a medium or psychic is capable of sharing.

A medium is someone who has a connection with Source energy, enabling them to tune into metaphysical information, receive it and provide insights about it to their clients. Your medium will act as a conduit for the metaphysical information you are seeking. It’s important to remember that when you work with any metaphysical practitioner, they are working on principles that exist within our plane of reality. The metaphysical connection allowing us to communicate across plains of existence can be difficult to comprehend, so it is helpful to think about these concepts in a more tangible way.

Understanding the metaphysical world is different for everybody, but comprehending some key aspects of it is important. We live in a vibrational world where there are metaphysical abilities that help us communicate with the spiritual realm and those energies that reside there.

One metaphysical concept that can be easier to grasp, is the scientific fact that everything has a vibration or frequency.

Anything you can see, touch, hear, taste, and feel has a specific vibrational frequency, even metaphysical energies – your loved ones who have passed away are included! Mediums can help their clients learn how to recognize the presence of, and tune into, these frequencies. The concept is similar to tuning your car radio to FM99.5 to hear the broadcast of your favorite station. If you travel out of range or re-tune the radio, you lose the station. It’s the same concept for mediums who can “tune in” and match the vibrational frequencies of those entities who wish to communicate with you. Just like the radio station, if it’s not a perfect vibrational match there’s no guarantee the broadcast will be clear.

In general, a medium or psychic can help you by guiding messages and information from your loved ones who have passed away. In some cases, the spirits may need to comfort you and make sure that you are comfortable with the concept and connection before they can provide any insight into their experience on the “other side.” Loved ones in Spirit aren’t always ready to provide information about how they are feeling. Sometimes, they need to wait until the time is right for them (and for you) to communicate with their loved ones who are still here on Earth.

A Medium can provide messages through multiple different methodologies, but the most prevalent ones are:

  • Spirit Communication using Clairvoyance (seeing) – also referred to as Channeling
  • Spirit Communication using Clairsentience (feeling)- this is more of a physical sensation that your loved one in spirit may be providing you.
  • This is usually done by touching the medium in some way, which allows them to feel their energy.
  • Spirit Communication using Clairaudience (hearing) – also referred to as Channeling

Mediumship readings are based on psychic abilities in conjunction with the spirits themselves and how easily they can “tune in” to communicate with the Medium. The information provided by your Medium or Psychic is coming from the Spirit World, and they may need to spend some time achieving alignment with your messenger to come up with the information you seek regarding your loved one’s experience on the “other side.”

Mediumship readings are always focused on love, so any messages shared will have a loving intent behind them. This means if your Medium or Psychic comes across any hard feelings from the other side while providing a reading, they will pass that information on to you and then work to get the loving energies from your loved one back in front of them to share with you.

It is important to remember that information provided by your loved ones in Spirit will never come without reason.

So if you are seeking validation on a specific topic about their experience, or guidance in your experience, know that they won’t be providing any details without reason. Once your Medium or Psychic has validated the information through the spirits themselves and passed it on to you, it is then up to you to decide how you want to apply that information in your own life. The choice of this beautiful, blessed message is yours!

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